Sunday, May 25, 2008


EATON FAIRGROUNDS, CHARLOTTE MICHIGAN. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16 AND 17, 2007 Stanton’s Auctioneers of Vermontville, Michigan conducted this outstanding annual auction event including numerous rare items. The sale began at 9 a.m. daily and the entire event took nearly 16 hours to complete. The on-floor buyers in attendance came from all across the United States and Canada with many arriving on Thursday afternoon for the presale luncheon and viewing. Other interest came from parties around the United States and Internationally who placed pre-sale, email and phone bids if they were unable to attend. The items being sold at this large auction came from Estates and collections all over Michigan including the second portion of the David Feintuch Estate, a private collection from the East Coast, a Vogue record collection from the Copeland Estate in Iowa (as well as a collection of machine from Iowa) and examples that came to the auction from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana and other location around the U.S. Included in the many highlights in this sale was a rare Edison Triumph cylinder phonograph. This machine was in a mahogany cabinet and had the nickel plated option that when ordered in 1902-1904 was an additional cost of $25.00 to the machine purchaser. This item was sold for $10,600.00! A partial list of the many interesting items sold also included: · Kalamazoo Duplex double horn disc machine made in Michigan sold for $4,000 and an original booklet promoting this machine brought $1,000 by itself and went home with a buyer from California. · Victor IV’s with mahogany wooden horns sold for $2250 and $2800 · Edison Home “Banner” mahogany cylinder phonograph $2,750 · Victor MS disc machine $2,500 · Zon-o-phone “Home” disc phonograph brought $2,300 · A modern Thoren’s 11-3/4” disc music box brought $2,300 · Berliner “Trademark” model A disc phonograph $2,250 · A complete Edison 1A cylinder floor model machine (some veneer damage) sold for $2,200 · Victor P2 disc phonograph $2,000 · Thornwood (A Stella box made for Montgomery Wards)15-3/4”disc music box $2,000 · Victor II disc phonograph $1,900 · Mira 9-1/4” disc music box $1,750 · Edison Fireside with Oak wooden cygnet horn, $1,700 · Columbia B1 disc phonograph $1,750 · Edison floor model radio $1,650 · Columbia A.B. McDonald 2-4 minute double mandrel cylinder phonograph $1,600 · Zon-o-phone Type C disc phonograph $1,400 · 2 Breadboard radio’s sold for $1,300 and $1,400 each · Antique German Steam Engine toy, $1,400 · Edison Maroon Germ cylinder phonograph with maroon Fireside horn, $1,300 · 2 Zon-o-phone “Concert” disc machines brought $1,100 and $1,350 · Victor M, $1,200 · An electric Bordello phonograph lamp with leaded and stained glass shade $1,200 · Victor II, $1,100 · 9 Edison Triumph Cylinder Phonographs in various conditions ranging from $850 to $1,150 · Columbia BG Cylinder Phonograph brought $1,000 · Victor I disc machine $1,000 · 3 antique tobacco cards with the picture of Edison on each brought $180 · Victor V disc machine (disassembled) $1,200 · Concert Wood Cob Roller Organs brought $660 and $650 · Edison Home (long case) cylinder machine $525 · Edison Home with morning glory horn $825 · Phonograph case (mahogany) for Opera Machine $900 · Edison Gem “Drip Pan” model cylinder machine $800 · Victor E disc machine $900 · 16 brown wax cylinder records $340 · A small group of Edison Amberol 5000 series cylinder records sold for $950 · Reproducers were sold including “O” for $200; “K” for $160; C & H’s for $70 to $120 each · 2 Columbia Baby Regent serpentine mahogany parlor table phonographs brought $400 and $475 · Edison Fireside $800 · A super English HMV (His Master’s Voice) disc unit with original case (no horn) brought $1,400 · Nicole Freres cylinder music box (6 broken teeth) $450 · Victrola Credenza walnut case phonograph $775 · Victrola mahogany VV-XVII floor model disc machine $575 · Organizer of miscellaneous parts $520 · Victor O disc machine (repainted horn) $850 · Edison Diamond Disc Record (near mint) “The Bunch At Orange” with Edison’s recorded voice $500 An estimated 1,450 lots were sold during this 2 day event. All types of items ranging from mint condition examples to parts, records, literature and reference material, Nippers and more. Thanks to everyone for their interest and participation. Keep watching Stanton’s Auctioneers website at for upcoming auctions and more information. Our next phonograph sale will be May 9th and 10th, 2008. We look forward to seeing you there. Stanton’s Auctioneers, P.O. Box 146, Vermontville, Michigan 49096. Phone (517) 726-0181 or Email –

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